i miss him so much </3


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How To Never Get Over Your Ex


Thought Catalog

Be the type of person who holds on to things. Whether it’s a 2005 issue of Us Weekly, a torn birthday card, or an ex from a long time ago, you give CPR to things that have long since decayed. It makes you feel safe and allows you to live in the past.

Get your heart broken by someone you adored, someone you were obsessed with. They fell out of love with you though, as people are apt to do, and you were just left there lying in bed trying to hold on to someone who had already walked out the door.

Grieve. Have your friends be there for you as you recount your entire relationship. Take solace in knowing that you are allowed to do these things, you’re supposed to be devastated and a tad obsessive. You’re supposed to bring up their name constantly and see their face…

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I asked her,

“Do you love him?”

she suddenly blushed and said,

“Sadly, I still do.”


I asked him.

“Do you love her?

He suddenly rolled his eyes and said.

“No, I don’t love her no more.”


Then i fathom, It wasn’t love.

It never was, to begin with,

It was lust not love.

Its bizarre how one person always falls, more.

While the other person does fall,

but then, they forget everything within days

and act as if nothing happened.

This world is a mystery.

people fall for each other.

Then, within days, weeks or months

one person swims out of what was once their ocean of love.

And they leave the other person hopelessly suffocating.